How does the "payback" program work?

The RSI "payback" program is a simple system that literally pays you for each one of your clients that take the RSI through your coaching website. Once you become a Certified ReCareer Coach you will be given the RSI logo to place on your site. This logo will be linked to recareerinc.com where your client will take and pay for the assessment. Your name will be linked to the client’s RSI payment of $120 and you, the coach, will earn 50% ($60)! Checks are sent monthly.

Is there a special age group towards which the ReCareer program is focused?

The ReCareer program is designed specifically for those in the second half of life (typically ages 45+) and for four types of employees. Dr. Johnson defines these four types of workers as the: 1) Un-employed: those who are looking for satisfying work 2) Non-employed: those who voluntarily left the work force and now find this “work status” just plain boring 3) Under-employed: those who are functioning in jobs that are beneath their experience and educational levels 4) Empty-employed: Those who are currently employed but the job leaves them empty; it no longer feeds their mind, stirs their heart, and/or nourishes their spirit.

How does the ReCareer program compare to other career coaching programs?

The ReCareer program is the only assessment-based career coaching certification geared exclusively for those in the second half of life. The ReCareer system cover fifteen core competencies that have been proven to aid in a successful ReCareer. Other coaching certifications may teach coaching philosophies or how to use several ancillary assessments to identify career paths but none are as directed and comprehensive as ReCareer. The ReCareer system not only provides the coach with proprietary materials to use with the client but also offers a clear coaching blueprint through the RSI report.

How do my clients take the RSI?

The RSI is administered online. It has 120 questions and generally takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Your clients will link seamlessly from your website to recareerinc.com where they will complete and pay for the assessment.

How do I get the RSI icon on my website?

If you are experiencing trouble placing or linking your RSI icon please email our help desk at info@recareerinc.com.

Does the ReCareer Certification count towards my continuing education hours for ICF?

ReCareer Inc. is actively pursuing accreditation by ICF to qualify for CCEUs.

I don’t live in the United States, can I still take the program?

Yes. The training is administered 100% online and can be accessed anywhere in the world. If your time zone or schedule do not allow you to attend some or all of the live classes we have a self-study format available. This format allows you to take the classes on your own schedule. The self-study and live formats can also be combined.

Do you offer tuition payment options?

Yes. Please call our offices at 636-458-0813 for further details on payment plans.

Can I see a sample RSI report?

Yes. Simply send an email to damon@recareerinc.com if you’re interested in seeing what a typical report looks like. The 24-page report is an invaluable tool to add to your coaching tool belt. We encourage all prospective ReCareer coaches to study the RSI report prior to registering. If you’re interested in taking the RSI for yourself prior to registering please contact damon@recareerinc.com.