Certified Coaches

Build your niche and grow your income

Enhance your reach to a newly created population of job seekers due to the tough economic climate. A ReCareer Coach Certification fully prepares you to address this new population of career changers and career extenders created by the new economy. Add to your credentials with this timely and needed certification now available to the career coaching community. Gain a competitive edge and set yourself apart.

The ReCareer Certification is a compilation of over 30 years of job search trends and research.
Dr. Johnson has refined and compacted his research to create this entirely new approach to career coaching. This assessment driven coaching system is the first of its kind in the coaching profession.
Dr. Johnson's initial research was completed at the University of Florida and has been thoroughly reconfigured to address the enormous demands of the current volatile job market.

ReCareer as continuing education (CCE) for credentialed coaches: ReCareer Inc. is actively pursuing accreditation from ICF for CCEUs.

Please contact us with any questions concerning ReCareer as continuing education please email info@recareerinc.com.