HR Professionals & Career Counselors

Enhance the effectiveness of your company or practice

Several options are available to our corporate partners and outplacement firms. The ReCareer training and assessment program offers a seamless transition for exiting employees.

ReCareer Inc. can assist your company or practice in two ways:

  1. Become a respected, innovative leader in your industry by equipping your Human Relations department or guidance office with ReCareer Certifications. Your managers, department heads, and/or counselors can access the invaluable resources in our online Coaches Library to better assist your employees or clients in a midlife career transition.
  2. ReCareer Inc. can even develop a customized package for your organization. Licensing of the ReCareer Tools & Resources for use in your company or practice is available. The ReCareer team is able to tailor the look and feel of the RSI and other resources to fit seamlessly into your organization’s structure and guidelines.

Please contact us at with any questions regarding licensing.