become a recareer coach

ReCareer Coaching may be your ReCareer

ReCareer Inc. has created the only assessment-based career transition certification specifically targeted to second half of life career changers. With a ReCareer Coach Certification you will gain immediate entry in the profitable field of career coaching. The uncertainty in the labor market has created a new opportunity for you. This uncertainty is expected to become a permanent fixture of the labor market. People are working longer by choice and by necessity. You can help these people find personal fulfillment and financial freedom. In the constantly changing job market and fluctuating economy your skills and training will be invaluable to millions of adults seeking a ReCareer.

This newly created population of job seekers is your opportunity to not only fulfill your dreams of helping others but also create a more profitable and fulfilling life for yourself! A ReCareer Coach Certification will fully prepare you to address this new population of career changers and career extenders created by the new economy.

A ReCareer Coach Certification empowers you with the skills, knowledge, competencies and materials necessary to begin and maintain a vibrant coaching practice. ReCareer Inc. even works for you! The "payback" assessment model literally pays you directly for using the ReCareer Success Inventory (RSI). ReCareer offers you a simple, seamless, easy-to-implement assessment tool to sell that is easily integrated right on your own website. Catapult your coaching website into a new profit center with the RSI. Learn more about the "payback" model.