What is a ReCareer?

According to federal labor statistics more than a quarter of the American work force is age 50 and over. The uncertain economy, changing attitudes towards retirement and a desire to create more meaningful work is leaving millions of adults in the second half of life asking, “What’s next?” The answer is a ReCareer.

The second half of life brings with it many career choices and questions. For some, continuing in a current career does not fulfill financial, personal, or spiritual needs as it once did. For others, re-entering the work-force has become a necessity due to the new economy. A ReCareer is the answer for those searching for new career direction and purpose in the second half of life.

A ReCareer is not just about finding a new career direction but rather it’s the process that brings the who and the what of a person into closer alignment. A ReCareer establishes a new design for one’s life, a design that is a clearer and closer blueprint of who a person is now… and who they will become. Everyone has a special purpose, one that is as unique as his or her fingerprint and that purpose demands to find expression in this world. The purpose may be grand or small in the eyes of the world, but what the world thinks and perceives doesn’t matter; what matters is that it is unique, purposeful, and fulfilling.

With over 6 million Americans left jobless this year alone ReCareering is quickly becoming a household term. ReCareer Inc. has developed the only assessment based training program to aid these millions of adults in their ReCareer search. Learn more about how you can be on the forefront of this exciting job movement.